• Bomber Command never felt they were as beloved as fighter pilots.

    Minnie Driver
  • Forty three of us started the course, but only thirteen of us completed it

    Ian Sweet
  • There were 11,462 Wellingtons built. But only two survive.

    Graham Withers
  • I can't ride a bike, but I can fly a plane.

    Cadet Povey
  • The F35 means a lot to me.

    David Atkinson
  • He held fire while the German crew bailed out.

    Mark Johnson
  • The RAF benevolent fund helped me get my life back on track

    Stuart Robinson
  • For the first time in my life I was turning heads.

    Jackie Moggridge
  • You still get bullies

    Caroline Paige
  • Unless I tell him something I'm going to die.

    Robbie Stewart
  • I used to go around punching people. I was quite naughty.

    Josh Willcox
  • The 1000 bomber raid.

    Stan Holmes