• I became slightly obsessed with penguins.

    Louise Henton
  • I had a gun. I could kill someone.

    Aswin Rana
  • There are things that civilians just don't understand.

    Joan Ochuodho
  • Don't steer, just think

    Jackie Moggridge
  • They beat us with their pistol butts

    John Peters
  • At this point I was thinking "I'm about to crash a Spitfire"

    Air Cdre Paul Godfrey
  • You never move in the jungle at night

    Ian Sweet
  • Once you see the missile you have 3.5 seconds until impact.

    David Waddington
  • The Red Cross put themselves in great danger, with only a badge for protection.

    Sqdn. Ldr. Bob Ankerson
  • I'm a rebel woman.

    Katherine Du Plat-Taylor
  • They marched us onto cattle trucks at gunpoint

    Roy Finch
  • The plan was to fill the plane with booze

    Trevor Morris