• The RAF? Yes. But not the Regiment, not for my daughters

    Ian Sweet
  • The team captain could be the most junior rank.

    Kate Brophy
  • I saw a sport that was failing.

    Flt. Lt. Gareth Davies
  • I'm here to see the art. Everything else can wait.

    Sara Waymont
  • I spent seven weeks getting the shit kicked out of me

    John Peters
  • I see myself as the Jose Mourinho of Tug of War

    Flt. Lt. Gareth Davies
  • No amount of training can prepare you for the reality of blast wounds.

    Michelle Partington
  • He steals things, he hides things. That's the guy for me.

    Charlie Hammerton
  • We all thought the next war would be global Armageddon

    Al Byford
  • The Pulse Line is a world class innovation.

    Alicia Humphreys
  • Colditz was for the chaps who had made themselves a bloody nuisance.

    Graham Withers
  • Luckily for me, I failed the medical

    John Hill