• Pride and pressure

  • You could just sense the occasion

  • A handshake and a pat on the back

  • We train for it all the time, but you never think it's going to happen

  • The chief headhunter wanted us to join his tribe

    Peter Keane
  • Challenges you wouldn't have in a normal aeroplane

    Mathew Stannard
  • You'd be flying four or five feet away from the plane next to you

    Douglas McGregor
  • Pilots used their trips to Germany to stock up on duty free

    Steve Bond
  • You need to come out of a barrel roll the right way up

    Jill McGregor
  • "Bleedin' Hun! Hang 'em!"

    Anonymous farm hand
  • If you last a fortnight you'll be lucky

    Anonymous ground crew
  • They said you can be a nurse or a teacher.

    Suzanne Flynn