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I applied to join the Air Force.

And I was asked to come to an interview,

which was very good.

I'd trained up, I was prepared for it.

And the interview was not very far from the BBC in London.

There were about half a dozen officers around the table.

And there was a Wing Commander, who was in charge of it.

Now, everything went, of course, very very well.

Not only well, because afterwards I was told,

"Your interview was top notch, no problems."

But the Wing Commander, who was the boss of the committee,

said "By the way, where the hell is Breslau?"

And number one idiot, where the hell is Breslau,

I'll never forget the question.

I said, "Breslau's in Germany!"

And he said, "You're fucking German!"


"We don't have Germans in the Royal Air Force."

And I don't want to go into it,

too bitter experience, too long ago.

I'd rather forget about it,

but it really was like somebody sticking a knife in me.

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